Fowler Gives Up the Ghost

It is with a very heavy heart that I must announce that the Fowler Arts Collective space at 67 West Street was closed down as of July 1st, 2015. With only 30 days notice, Fowler received an astronomical and insurmountable 50% increase on its monthly rent. This equalled thousands of more dollars a month. In order to stay true to my mission of providing affordable studio space to emerging artists, I made the difficult decision to close down our space for good. I gave notice on the lease and all 25 artists had to re-locate to new studios by the end of July.

This is an especially troubling time for artists and small business owners in NYC. Several groups have been working hard to raise the alarm bells in order to help keep artists and small businesses in NYC (see Artist Studio Affordability Project and #SaveNYC), but we were not able to hold on long enough to benefit. I could tell this change was coming (hence the transitioning to upstate NY over this past year), but I had no idea it would be so quick and so final. We all thought we had a few more years.

The past five years have been wonderful and challenging, exhilarating and downright exhausting. It has been such a wonderful experience getting to know so many talented and energetic artists through our exhibitions program and studio spaces. I can’t wait to see how they all take on the world, and I hope Fowler helped them on their way to getting there. It was worth the fight to keep Fowler afloat for as long as I could, but there comes a time when the fight becomes too insurmountable. It was time to let Fowler go.

We have said goodbye to the space as best we can and now have scattered to separate studios across the city and state. Over and out, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, over and out.

RIP, Fowler Arts Collective. July 2010 - July 2015.

Lia Post

Founder/Director Fowler Arts Collective