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Elizabeth Hoy

Elizabeth Hoy, 2011
... just dissasemble and take away

Emilie Selden

Emilie Selden, 2011, I still owe money
to the money to the money I owe.

THE PINCH, Fowler Arts Collective



Kurt Freyer

Kurt Freyer, 2011









EXHIBITION DATES: OCT. 14 - 30, 2011

Fowler Arts Collective is pleased to present The Pinch, in which three local artists share their attempts to articulate something about the value of art in a time of economic hardship. Featuring recent bodies of work by Kurt Freyer, Elizabeth Hoy, and Emilie Selden, The Pinch explores the way material transformation in an art world setting can alter the value of very modest objects. Working playfully and with limited means, these artists take trash, recycling, and unwanted objects and turn the dispensable into an art commodity.

Kurt Freyer’s recent work looks at narrative and material transformation. Often beginning with generic factory-made items, his practice is a sort of alchemy: CD jewel-cases and beer cans transform into post-apocalyptic mineral deposits or miniature cliff formations. Taking the idea of value in a more romantic sense, Freyer considers how art can saturate an object with new potential.

Elizabeth Hoy’s work explores the impermanence of the man-made as it is shaped by the persistence of nature. Hoy's work also engages with the reverse of this process as she explores the commodification of nature. For her Craigslist Series, Hoy looks at the real and fake plants that New Yorkers are giving away or selling on Craigslist and then paints or draws from the images they post. In looking at the materials being offered through Craigslist, Hoy found that artificial plant life had a higher going rate on the Internet. Her series is a study in these tenuous shifts in value—from person to person, and from natural to man-made.

Over the last two years, Emilie Selden has literally been making money. She sculpts piles of bills and wreaths of credit cards. In an effort to follow a kind of life cycle—from money, to food, to trash, to art, and back to money—she has been saving her trash to re-purpose into sculpture. At a time when the line between illusion and reality in the American marketplace is often unclear, she looks at the difference (or lack thereof) between a piece of paper, a dollar bill, and a painting.

Please join us for The Pinch’s opening reception on Friday, Oct. 14th from 6-9 pm. RSVP on Facebook here! The exhibition will be on view weekends (Sat. + Sun.), 12 to 6pm, from October 14th to 30th, 2011. During other times, the exhibition can be viewed by appointment. Use our contact form here or contact us at the email address below.

In addition to the exhibition's opening event on October 14th, there will be a reading organized by Luke Degnan of BOMB Magazine on Friday, Oct. 21st from 7-9pm in the Fowler gallery. The reading of poetry and short fiction will feature writers Luke Degnan, B.C. Edwards, Sarah Gerard, and Paul Legault. For more info click here.

The gallery program at Fowler Arts Collective is fully artist directed. Exhibitions are equal collaborations between the exhibiting group of artists and the gallery space. Fowler is located in the historic Greenpoint Terminal building on the East River waterfront at 67 West Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222.


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